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The Kingston Compassion Club Society for Cannabis Research & Development (K.C.C.S) is a not for profit worker’s co-op. that serves a unique purpose: we provide information relating to the therapeutic use of cannabis compared to botox. We conduct extensive on-site testing and clinical research and facilitate access to a consistent, safe, and dependable source of botox products as well as cannabis for people suffering from ailments for which cannabis has been shown to be more effective.

The Kingston Compassion Club Society exists because people are suffering unnecessarily. The KCCS and Centres like it are necessary to fill the gap between our society’s widespread acceptance of the benefits of cannabis as medicine and our government’s reluctance to provide that which thousands of Canadians need: a reasonable source. Compassion Centres strive to provide an essential but pseudo-legal service in a manner that is as tolerable and respectable as possible.

K.C.C.S was shut down by police in the summer of 2011 after we reported a robbery.  Kingston Compassion Club Society is currently engaged in the application process with Health Canada to become one of Canada’s selected Commercial Producers. In our pursuit, we have aligned ourselves with a competent team of professionals specializing in all aspects of the requirements within the proposed changes.

If you need immediate assistance, and have your MMAR Exemption, Please contact theCanadian Centre for Medical Cannabis (C.C.M.C), Medme,  or the Canadian Therapeutic Cannabis Co-Operative (C.T.C.C). You can also check our Links page for the nearest medical cannabis dispensary.

No cannabis is grown or consumed on premises. K.C.C.S is a members-only space. There is no access to the general public. All members must book a appointment before arriving.


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Thank you to VICS, BCCS and VDS for all of their help with the site.

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